Are You Looking For A New Staff Member For Your Church? This Is Where You Should Start.


One of the questions the leaders at Real Life Ministries get asked often is “Where do you find your staff?”. The answer is that most of them are raised up from volunteers within our congregation. This is generally not the reply they expect!

People assume that with a 90 person staff serving a congregation with  5-6 thousand people in weekend attendance, we must have a nationwide recruiting plan to find the skills and abilities we are looking for. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Through trial and error, Real Life leaders have discovered that the people attending and serving as volunteers in our church actually make the best transition to staff. We have had a chance to watch them rise up as volunteer leaders and to observe over time how they handle themselves and their relationships in tough situations. And because of our membership classes and volunteer expectations, we  know they are in alignment with the mission, vision, and philosophy of our Church.

It has been amazing to watch and see who God brings and who he chooses to work through. Too many church leaders are looking for the polished diamond and overlooking the diamond in the rough. Sometimes we get caught up in what a person DOES, rather than finding out first who they ARE.

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One of the things we have discovered is that the use of Jesus’ method of Relational Discipleship is not only the best way to make disciples, but also the best way to raise up leaders. Discipling relationally takes time and investment into a person, walking alongside and helping them grow on their journey of spiritual maturity. But the results are well worth the effort – you will be making disciple’s of Jesus who go on to make disciples, and also creating a strong network of brothers and friends that will help support and build up Jesus’ Church.

In the short video below, Derrick McNeil – Small Groups Pastor on staff with TheMET Cyprus Campus in Houston, Texas, speaks about Relational Discipleship and his journey from church attender to staff member.