Tired of ‘doing’ Discipleship the same old way? Try this ‘shift’!


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Are you ready to make a shift in the way you think about Disciple Making?

We have found that many of the almost 900 attendee’s of our workshops at the 2016 Exponential East Church Planting Conference wanted to find out more about the Relational Discipleship model we presented. Were you one of them? Did you get a taste of something you would like more of? Do you find yourself wanting to dive in more deeply into Jesus’ method and model for discipleship? Do you want Discipleship to become more than just a church program?

If you want to create a church culture that lives out discipleship in your community, our DiscipleShift 1 Training can help! It is a two-day experience that will challenge you personally at three different levels: Head, Heart & Hands. DiscipleShift’s interactive relational environment will give your team an opportunity to rediscover Jesus’ message of discipleship and to be involved in (and experience) His method of disciple making.

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If you enjoyed our Creating A Disciple Making Culture breakout sessions at Expo East and would like to hear more about the DiscipleShift training we provide across the country, we would love to extend the Expo discount code to you if you register now!   Code EXPO2016 will enable you to receive $50 off! Click this link to get more information and see the upcoming training schedule. DiscipleShift1 Training.