Transformed Lives Can Transform Churches – Just Ask These Leaders!

Ask questions

Wouldn’t you love a chance to sit down with a leader of a dynamic, growing, disciple making church and ask them some questions about how they got there?

Every month our DiscipleShift 1 attendee’s get to do just that! In the video below,  a panel of leaders from disciple making churches across the country take to the stage at DiscipleShift 1 training in Little Rock, Arkansas to answer questions about disciple making and church leadership.

Some of the questions addressed are:

  • How do I integrate small groups into a traditional church with a Sunday school program?
  • How do I draw young adults and families into a church that is primarily made up of senior adults?
  • How can I lead change in a traditional church that is resistant to it?
  • How can I honor your older members and as we navigate a church transition?
  • Where do I find time in my schedule for one-on-one discipleship?

Click here to download pdf transcript of this video.  qa-october-2016-transcript