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Every month at  DiscipleShift 1 Training we have a question and answer session with a panel of leaders of Disciple Making Churches. This session is filled with  many common questions regarding discipleship, small groups and staff and leader alignment, just to name a few.

In the following video – Jim Putman, Senior Pastor at Real Life Ministries, Luke Yetter, Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries and Executive Director of the RDN, and Aaron Couch, Lead Coach at Real Life Ministries Moscow – answer several discipleship questions from the DS1 Training’s attendee’s. Read below to see how Jim Putman responded to a common question regarding alignment.

Question: How does Church alignment happen – what is a good starting point?

Jim Putman: “A church is usually made up of people that are raised in different homes, maybe they came from different churches – and even if they are in the same church or grew up in the same system, people will still all have slightly different definitions of words.

If you’re going to be aligned as a church, one of the first things you need to do is have a common language to begin to build your culture of disciple making. So once you understand your people have different definitions of words and different filters they hear through – you have to come up with a common language to build your culture of disciple making.

Remember the Tower of Babel? One day they have all the tools and all the skill sets they needed to build the tower. One thing changed and they could not continue the project. What was it? Language.

Not having a common language to define terms in the culture of your church can actually allow Satan to get in and cause division and even split the church.”

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