The Disciple Makers Handbook


Bobby Harrington is a founding member of the Relational Discipleship Network and the chairman of our board. He is passionate about our network and what we do. He calls our network his home, the place that reflects his personal beliefs and those of his home church, Harpeth Christian Church.

We are pleased to announce the release of the book, The Disciple Maker’s Handbook which Bobby wrote with his preaching partner, Josh Patrick. This book is a manifesto of the disciple making movement envisioned by RDN and, our partner organization that Bobby leads.


The book starts with the case that Jesus’ style of disciple making is the greatest cause on earth, it moves through the fundamental definitions being used at the early stages of a movement, and continues into a framework that makes disciple making practical for everyday Christians.

This book is for everyday Christians who want to make disciples. It is a great primer for someone before they work through The Real Life Discipleship Training Manual or it is a great follow-up for Christians who have already worked through that manual. It is filled with lots of stories and practical examples from one of RDN’s churches.

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The 7 elements of the discipleship lifestyle are the 7 elements found in the ministry of Jesus. These elements are inspirational, practical, and reproducible.

Preview and Discount: You can get an audio and text preview of the book here and you can buy it at a discounted rate by going to Church Source’s page for the book, where you will get 40 percent off single copies of the book and 50 percent off 10+ copies PLUS free shipping when they enter the promo code: DMHFREE when they check out.