The Invitation Is In The Definition


The Invitation is in the Definition


When an influential church community experiences division among its leadership as to the direction and philosophy among their small groups, they frequently turn to Real Life Ministries for guidance. The senior and executive pastors at Real Life Ministries routinely attend seminars to assist churches with concerns like these.

On one such occasion, our Real Life Ministries pastors began by asking the leadership of this particular church a couple of questions. When asked about the purpose of the church, the leaders agreed that the purpose is to make disciples. However, when asked to define what a disciple is, the leadership either could not answer the question, or agree on a definition.

Unfortunately, this type of situation is very common in churches throughout the world. A good analogy would be a home construction crew in agreement about building a house, but not able to agree on what the house should look like when completed.

In order to define what a disciple is, one need look no further than the Bible passage found in Mathew 4:19. Jesus offers an invitation to His future disciples (who were fishermen), to “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (ESV). This invitation itself, describes the definition of a disciple.

[tweetthis]”Following Jesus will require a life change at the head, heart, and hands level of our beings.”[/tweetthis]

As these fishermen eventually learn, to follow Jesus will require a life change at the head, heart, and hands level of their beings. In order to become faithful disciples ourselves, we, as Christians, must come to this realization as well.

Come back next week and we will unpack the definition of a disciple!

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