So… How Did Jesus Make Disciples?

So, How Did Jesus Make Disciples?


“Jesus was the greatest disciple maker in history.

The model Jesus gave us for disciple making transcends

both time and place, and it is one that we can still use today.”


Keith Strasburger (Real Life Ministries) FOLLOW Sermon Series: Chapter 7


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Keith Strasburger is on staff at Real Life Ministries on the Church Training and Development Team. He currently oversees the RLM Men’s Ministry and the DiscipleShift trainings.Keith came up through the small group system at Real Life Ministries before becoming a staff member. Keith has lived in the Northwest for 12 years with his lovely wife Kristine, and his two sons Tim and Ben, who are 22 and 18. Keith served in the military for 4 years as a Combat Engineer, which makes him perfectly suited to be a father of teenage boys. He loves going fishing, riding motorcycles and roasting coffee. And he can also occasionally be found volunteering in the church coffee shop.

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