Relationships With Others Plays A Vital Role In Spiritual Maturity

Relationships With Others Plays A Vital Role In Spiritual Maturity

Why does God tell us through His Word that we must be in relationships? Well, because God made us relational beings and He knows we need relationships to thrive. In other words, spiritual relationships as God designs and empowers them are a vital part of the recipe for abundant life

The New Testament metaphor of baptism is a picture of new birth (being born again) into the Christian family, the church. In Christ we are now adopted into the household of God, and even more, we are born into a family with older brothers and sisters.

Paul called himself Timothy’s father in the faith and so it is supposed to be with us – we have spiritual parents. Even if we were blessed with believing, mature, disciple making parents, they were never intended to be the only ones who help us mature – the church is God’s plan for growing mature disciples who make disciples.

These new believers need the church – God’s family that helps others find Christ and then become mature in Him. For the rest of our lives there will be others who teach and invest in us. God’s plan is that we will grow to maturity and invest in others as well.

Maturity does not mean that we have no more to learn, or that somehow we are complete and have no need of continual relationships and growth in our lives – that never ends. But there comes a time when we are able to invest in others. Even if we are only one step ahead of a person, we can still lead them as we progress.

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