Question and Answer Session – May DiscipleShift 1 Training

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During our May 2016 DiscipleShift 1 Training, our attendee’s had the opportunity to ask our Leadership Panel questions about Jesus’ Disciple Making process, and how it has been implemented through Real Life Ministries and other churches in The Relational Discipleship Network. This month’s panel contained the combined experience of Luke Yetter – Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries and the Director for the Relational Discipleship Network, Jim Putman – Senior Pastor and Church Planter of Real Life Ministries, Richie Shaw – Lead Coach at Real Life Spokane, and Matt Roberson – Campus Pastor of The MET Houston.


Some of the questions they address:

How can you move people to leave their comfort zones and consider small groups?

How can you achieve leadership alignment when shifting an entire church to a Disciple Making model?

How you can empower your leaders to change a system their people are familiar with.

How can preachers utilize the pulpit to promote Relational Discipleship?

How can you improve yourself by listening to those around you?


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