One Way A Senior Pastor Can Keep The Vision Of Discipleship Alive In His Church


We often get this question from Lead Pastors in our DiscipleShift 1 Training Q&A sessions:

“How can I cast vision for our discipleship process during weekend service?”

It is a great question. We know that ‘People aspire to what is celebrated’. If you want to become a Disciple Making Church, you must celebrate discipleship visibly and often.

In this video clip, Matt Roberson lead pastor of The MET in Houston, Texas, spends some time at the conclusion of his sermon referencing the wheel and what is happening right there in their church. He does an excellent job of explaining the wheel in a way that is compelling for the people who know about it and also to those who may be new to the concept.

The MET is part of our Relational Discipleship Network, and being coached by one of our Mentor Coaching Churches. We are so proud of Matt as he steps into his new role of lead pastor, and of the dedication and vision he and the leaders there have for the future.

We hope you enjoy this short clip, and that it shows you how to bring the process of disciple making before your congregation in a way that is simple but impactful. To find out more about our training go to .