Mentor Coaching Church (MCC)


PURPOSE: Mentor Coaching Churches represent, promote, and uphold the DNA of the network. They help keep each member of the micro-network focused on relational discipleship. They help build relationships between fellow members. They will coach and invest in 1 to 2 apprentice churches.

Mentor Coaching Church (MCC) – Benefits:

National/International Influence: Be a strategic part of this relational discipleship movement by possibly taking part in national speaking engagements (Exponential, Church Planter conferences, DiscipleShift conference and trainings), lead other churches through the DiscipleShift 1 process. Also you will have a global platform through the RDN website to share what God is doing in your church and the opportunity to provide training tools and resources to help other churches make disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of Jesus.

Quarterly Connect Webinar: Connect once every quarter with other Mentor Coaching Churches to discuss what God is doing in your micro-network and how we can encourage and equip each other to join God in making disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus

Annual MCC Summit: You and your spouse will be invited to an annual gathering of mentor coaching churches for a time of rest, relaxation, networking and vision casting.

Access to a “Leadership Toolbox”: You will be given a login and password to download many resources and tools. These are the same resources and tools that have been created by and are currently being used by churches leading this relational discipleship movement!

Personal E-mail Mentoring: Ongoing mentoring via email or private social network with your Mentor Coaching Church!

Lead A Micro-Network (Brotherhood)Influence others by leading a group of 6 – 8 church leaders who can work together, collaborate and be accountable to creating churches that want to make disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus!

Mentor Coaching Church (MCC) – Requirements & Cost:

•   Complete DiscipleShift1 training

•   Personal Invitation
•   Sign the Network MCC Agreement

•  1% of the general tithe income to the RDN

•  1% of the general tithe income held by MCC for church training/planting

If you would like to get additional information about membership requirements, cost & benefits for each level of membership, please contact Eddie Bateman (208-777-7325).

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