Looking For A New Discipleship Method? Maybe We Should Return To Something Old – The Way Jesus Made Disciples



Let’s Get Back To Making Disciples The Way Jesus Did


If we study Jesus’ method for making disciples and then study how the early church repeated this pattern, we discern a blueprint that we can follow as well. Many of the churches in the Relational Discipleship Network use this simple blueprint, based on these four words.


  • Jesus shared who he was through words and deeds – During their time of sharing life together, he taught them the truth about himself.


  • When people accepted his message, he invited them to connect with him in relationship.


  •  As the disciples grew, Jesus trained them to minister to the lost and to his other followers.


  • Finally, after Jesus rose from the dead, he deployed his followers to disciple others.

We call this the SCMD methodology. Share, Connect, Minister, Disciple.

As Jesus’ disciples today, we share our lives with other people, eventually sharing the gospel – the good news about Jesus and what he has done for us and can do for them. We then connect with Christ and other believers in relationship through his church. Next, we help these new disciples take steps to grow, by supplying them with a place to minister in Jesus name. And finally, when they are ready, we deploy them, releasing them to disciple other people in the same way.

Jesus left us a blueprint for discipleship that transcends time and location. These principles are true in every situation and for every age, regardless of where we live or the size of our church.

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This is just a small piece of what we cover in our DiscipleShift 1 Training’s. During the two day training, our team will:

  • Walk alongside you as you experience what a small group can do in the lives of both believers and non-believers.
  • We will lay out the 5 Key Components of a Disciple Making Church in a way that is both personal and memorable.
  • You will discover the 5 Stages Of Spiritual Maturity, and be able to identify them from the phrases that come up in your conversations.
  • The Discipleship Wheel below is one example of the tools you will be introduced to that you can take back to your church and your home and utilize in your lives. 


Find out more about DiscipleShift 1 and take a look at upcoming dates and locations here!