How To Take Your Church From Here To There Without Blowing It Up: (Free E-Book)

Leading Change In Your Church

A new cultural shift in the church toward “making disciples” must become the goal of every church leader. However, creating such a culture in an established church, as with leading people through any kind of change, will not be easy. Doing so will require a good understanding of the dynamics of leading people through change.”  Todd Wright

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In this FREE eBook, Todd Wright, Senior Pastor at Midway Church in Villa Rica, Georgia tells the story of how he, his leaders, and his congregation have made a shift over the past few years towards becoming a disciple making church, and what that journey has looked like. Todd has allowed us to share his story in an eBook form so that others can benefit from it. We believe you will find it to be a valuable tool whether you are a leader who is currently leading change or your leadership is looking to lead change in the future.

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How To Lead Change In Your Church

– The Relational Discipleship Network


ToddWrightIn leading our people through past changes, I have not done everything right or without failure. Through the journey, however, I have learned much about the emotional impact of change and the process of leading people to embrace change successfully. This PDF download contain some key principles I have learned from my journey. We are following these principles to become a church that intentionally makes disciples through relational environments. I am deeply grateful for the staff of Real Life Ministries for their investment to walk with us in this amazing journey. I pray these principles will help other leaders who dream of a church that actually makes disciples.

– Todd Wright: Lead Pastor – Midway Church, Villa Rica, GA

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