How To Get Buy-In From Your Senior Members When Changing The Culture Of Your Church

In this 4 minute clip from the Oct 2016 DiscipleShift 1 Question & Answer Session – Pastors Ed Litton and Matt Roberson address the question:

“How do I get my senior church members on board with creating a culture that will draw in and engage young families?”

You will find a link to the complete video of this Q&A session at the bottom of this post.

“How Do I Integrate Young Adults Into My Church Of Senior Adult Members?” from Relational Discipleship Network on Vimeo.



Click the link below to watch the full Q&A session from October 2016, where four leaders of disciple making churches take the stage at DiscipleShift 1 training in Little Rock, Arkansas to answer questions about disciple making and church leadership. Some of the questions addressed are:

  • How do you integrate small groups into a traditional church with a Sunday school program?
  • How do you draw young adults and families into a church that is primarily made up of senior adults?
  • How can you lead change in a traditional church that is resistant to it?
  • How can you honor your older members and as you navigate a church transition?
  • Where do you find time in your schedule for one-on-one discipleship?

DiscipleShift 1 Oct. 2016 Q&A Session