‘From Pool Hustler to Pastor’ – Luke Yetter Talks About The Way Relational Discipleship Has Impacted His Life


From Pool Hustler to Pastor

How Relational Discipleship Impacted My Life

Luke Yetter, Executive Pastor at Real Life Ministries and Director of the Relational Discipleship Network, has an amazing testimony of how his life and his legacy were impacted by Jesus’ model of Relational Discipleship –

Watch the short video below as Luke walks you through his first experience with church as a complete outsider, and see how you or your church might answer the two questions Luke asked of the church leaders in attendance that day.

  1. If I came to your church, would you have sought me out and led me to the Lord?
  2. Would you have taken a chance and hired me to be on your staff?

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From Pool Hustler to Pastor – How Relational Discipleship impacted my life. from Relational Discipleship Network on Vimeo.