Relational Discipleship Network

Frequently Asked Questions


What do the network contributions go toward?

ANSWER: Network contributions get distributed in a variety of directions from training, developing, infrastructure, etc. The categories listed below are a good depiction of what the funds go towards.

Network Church contributions:

  • 0 – 250 average weekend attendance   /   $250 per month
  • 251 – 500 average weekend attendance   /    $350 per month
  • 501-1000 average weekend attendance   /    $450 per month
  • 1001+ average weekend attendance    /    $550 per month 

Mentor Coaching Church contributions:

  • 1% of General Tithe Income to the Network
  • 1% of General Tithe Income held by you, the Mentor Coaching Church for Church Planting, Trainings, and National Conferences

Being in the network is a calling to help churches nationally and internationally become disciple-making churches. The benefit has to be seen from a giving back to the kingdom more then anything else. Other benefits include a National platform to speak from, training and development of your staff through DS1 leadership, training and influencing leaders across the nation and the world.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” – Acts 1:8 (ESV)

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-20  (ESV)

Incoming RDN dollars go towards:

  • Contributes toward the cost of executing national training, traveling and lodging for conferences, DS1 and DS2
  • Covers 40% the cost of DS2 for member churches in your micro-network. (In Network DS2 cost $1500 plus food and lodging, Out of Network Cost $2500 plus food and lodging)
  • Covers the entire Observer cost for DS2 trainings (to raise up more DS2 facilitators)
  • Leased roles within the RDN
  • Executive Director
  • Operations
    • Coordinating trainings
    • Coordinating video calls/phone calls
    • Executing RDN involved conferences
    • Sending/Receiving RDN applications
    • Processing RDN applications
    • Placement of new RDN churches into Micro-Networks
    • Expo east and west involvement
    • Researching new RDN opportunities nationally
  • Social media
    • Building a national platform for an RDN Voice nationally and globally through:
      • Articles
      • Blogs
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Magazines
  • Webpage Management
    • Upload new content to website
    • Complete weekly tasks to keep web up to date
    • Acquire new content
    • Edit content
    • Strategize new features
    • Create graphics
    • Update social media outlets
    • Continually assess and update resources
    • Build relationships with other social media partners and outlets
  • Administrator
  • Accounting/Book Keeper
  • Resource Developer and Content Management
  • Church Planting
    • Resourcing RDN churches to plant relational discipleship churches throughout the world through:
      • Training
      • Equipping
      • Utilizing the network to build specific planting game plans
      • Coordinate/Direct/Collaborate with RDN churches that have planted
  • National Exposure
    • Gain National Exposure through leadership/speaking opportunities around the country.
    • Be a national voice in the Disciple Making Movement
    • Generate a following of like minded people and churches
  • Network Support
    • The RDN offers coaching that will impact:
      • Pastor
      • Executive Pastor
      • Discipleship Pastor
      • Youth Pastor
      • Children’s Pastor
      • Missions Pastor
    • Discipleshift 2
      • Focuses on relationally aligning your team over the course of 3 days with 2 facilitators
  • Network Recourse Toolbox
    • Adding and Development of Leadership Toolbox resources on the RDN1.com website
  • Networking:
  • Locally
    • Coaching that will impact your leadership
    • Coaching that will impact your congregation
  • Regionally
    • Connecting you to other regional churches focusing on Relational Discipleship
  • Nationally
    • Co-Laboring at national conferences
      • Expo East and West
      • Discipleship Conferences
      • RDN Yearly Gathering
    • Co-Laboring with national speaking invitations
    • Co-Laboring with national trainings
  • Internationally
    • Training and development of international missions
    • Co-Laboring on developing Relational Discipleship in different regions of the world
    • Partner with RDN churches globally on short term missions opportunities
    • Partner with RDN international churches to plant additional churches
  • Network Planning:
    • Future trainings and conferences
  • Network Co-Laboring:
    • Scheduling Facilitation and Co-Facilitation for DS1’s
    • Develop multiple point people for RDN Lunches
    • Develop multiple point people for leading DS1 trainings
  • Major budget line item expenses for RDN
    • Travel, food, conferences, resource development


What is the benefit in being a part of the RDN?  


Being a part of the RDN is a calling to help churches nationally and internationally become disciple-making churches.   The RDN’s greatest benefit is impacting God’s Kingdom through coming alongside churches that desire to make the shift towards becoming a disciple making church.

Additional RDN Mentor Coaching Church benefits include:

  • Leadership Development Platform for your Staff and Key Leaders
  • Sharpening ministries through your micro network utilizing DS1, DS2 and International Discipleship opportunities.
  • Opportunities to speak from a National platform on Relational Discipleship
  • Opportunities to grow your staff and key leaders by involving them to help facilitate DS1’s and DS2’s locally and across the country
  • Being a part of the National RDN Gathering each year and leading a track
  • Hotel Rooms covered for up to four people at the Exponential Conference
  • Opportunities for Training and influencing leaders across the World through Discipleshift 1 and Discipleshift 2
  • Hosting Discipleshift 1 trainings at your church
    • Includes 10 group observer slots to plug additional leaders from your church into the Discipleshift training


What other commitments are expected of us if we become part of the RDN? (eg. DS1’s, National Events, etc.)


Everything is offered as an Opt In, nothing is categorized as a “have to”.

As a member church within the network, you will be invited to participate in DS1’s and National Events, however, it is up to you whether you accept the invites or not. There is no expectation to be available or additional commitment necessary outside of your monthly Coaching Call. Being a part of a DS1, DS2 or any National Event is purely a benefit for you and your team.

For Network Member Churches we ask that you, the Senior Pastor, commit to being on the monthly RDN call.

For Mentor Coaches, we ask that you invest in your micro network by preparing for monthly calls and being a part of their DS2’s. Additionally, the Exponential Conference and the RDN Yearly Gathering are two high value targets that we highly encourage you and part of your team to be a part of. Those dates are very similar each year and can be planned for in your yearly calendar/budget.


What is the vision or plan for the RDN moving forward in the next year, five years etc?


To be a network that grows relationally and numerically as we make disciples who make disciples. We will branch groups out of our existing micro networks to create opportunities for leadership and connection. As a result of that growth and development we will be able to create more opportunities to impact the local church and be a continued presence on the National Platform.

Who serves on the board of the RDN?   


  • Jim Putman, Senior Pastor, RLM Post Falls, Post Falls, ID
  • Bobby Harrington, Hapeth Christian Church (Board Chair), Franklin, TN
  • Bob Reed, Senior Pastor, Riverside Church, Ft Myers, FL
  • Brandon Guindon, Senior Pastor, RLM Texas, Houston, TX
  • Luke Yetter, Executive Pastor, RLM Post Falls (Executive Director), Post Falls, ID


Is there an opportunity to be on that board?


There is an opportunity to be part of the board. There is a process of invitation and approval by the home church elder board.


In regards to church planting, will that be Post Falls centric or will each church have an opportunity lead or partner in the way they feel best supports the mission/vision/philosophy?  


The RDN’s role in church planting is to come alongside the local church through training, finances and encouragement to help them plant churches. It is not Post Falls centric, however a number of the trainings take place here as well as church planting materials developed.

The RDN will not plant churches.

What is a micro-network and what are the roles and responsibilities? What kind of encouragement, training and support comes through that?  



  • A group of 5-6 like-minded churches that meet monthly to discuss how to implement relational disciple making in their churches.
  • All micro-network meetings are lead by a Mentor Coaching Church.

A Micro-Network includes the following:

  • A Mentor Coach
  • 5-6 Network Member Churches 

Mentor Coaching Church:

  • A Mentor Coaching Church is a Church that has agreed to the vision and mission of the RDN and been part of the Network as a member church

Mentor Coaches responsibilities are:

  • Facilitate a monthly 3-4 hour coaching call involving relational time spent, covering pre determined topics and talking through tensions that arise through leading change.
  • Assess their churches at the end of the 9-month coaching period recommend or not recommend being a mentor coaching 

Network Member: 

  • A Network Member Church is a church that meets monthly as a part of the Micro Network and aims to implement relational discipleship in their church.
  • They will also have access to collaborate with their micro network on walking out relational discipleship.