DiscipleShift 1 July 2016 Group Photos

If you have previously attended  DiscipleShift 1 Training, you know that most of your time during the 2 day  process is spent in a small group. Because of the nature of the training and culture in the small groups, the people that are in the group become connected to each other and their facilitation team.

We take photo’s of each of the groups so you have something tangible to remind you of what God did in and through you during the training. We have posted below the group photo’s from our July 2016 DiscipleShift1 Training.

If you want to access photo’s of past DS1 events you can find them posted on Flickr.

If you are interested in attending a DiscipleShift 1 Training you can see our upcoming schedule at Discipleshift.org.


DS1 July 2016g


DS1 July 2016b

DS1 July 2016

DS1 July 2016e

DS1 July 2016d

DS1 July 2016c