Different Functions of the RDN


There are a few different functions of the RDN. Click on any of the headings below to get additional information on membership requirements, cost & benefits for each level of membership. If you have any further questions, please contact Eddie Bateman (208-777-7325).1



A Network Member Church is a church that meets monthly as a part of a cohort that aims to implement relational discipleship. They also have access to collaborate with their micro-network on walking out relational discipleship.


A Mentor Coaching Church is a Church that has agreed to the vision and mission of the RDN, has completed DiscipleShift 1 and has been selected to lead a Micro-Network of churches:


A group of 6-8 like-minded churches that meet monthly to discuss how to implement relational disciple making in their churches. All micro-network meetings are lead by a Mentor Coaching Church.


A Mentor Coach is a person and/or persons from the MCC who represent the micro-network coach. A Mentor Coaching Church may have more than one designated coach for their micro network.